Commercial centre of Fuerteventura.  Has a port and sandy beach.

Great for shopping and sightseeing.

Purpose-built beach resort.

Popular with families and couples.

Famous for its sand dunes, beaches and connections to Lanzarote.

Popular with families, couples, singles, surfers and windsurfers.

Purpose-built beach resort with protected and calm seas.

Close to Sotavento Beach.  Famous for windsurfing.

Beach resort with long sandy beaches and popular with families and couples. Plenty of water sports and activities.

A fishing village with plenty of restaurants and bars more suitable for couples.  Famous for its white beaches and lagoons.

Predominantly residential with two hotels.

Coastal path to Caleta de Fuste.

Beautiful town, marina and black, sandy beach.
A place for relaxation, walking along the promenade.

A coastal village with picturesque scenery also Playitas

Resort for various sports activities and sandy beach

Sleepy fishing village with black sand beach.  Great
for relaxing with restaurants on the water's edge.

Charming little town with promenade and long black sandy beach.  Suitable for relaxation, water sports and relaxing.

Remote beach with stunning scenery and Villa de Winter house.  Strong currents - swimming not advised.

Remote white, sandy beach with rock pools and stunning scenery.  The bay has a strong rip current.

Pretty fishing village with black sand beach.
There is a costal walk which leads to caves.

Stunning scenery with views from the Morro Velosa view point.  The town is very pretty with cafes and restaurants.

Historic, pretty town with cafes, bars and restaurants.
Visit the church and the Colonel's House.

Pretty village, famous for the sacred Tindaya mountain and stunning scenery.

Historic pretty town with cafes, bars and restaurants.

Famous for the battle Tamisete