Our Mission Statement

We make English-language films about Fuerteventura. FuerteTube is run by long-term residents of the island as a free information and entertainment service. We aim to build our community of English-speaking users, whose feedback will influence the content we produce.

Our production values are high, with the focus on keeping our films factual and succinct. The content has a mainly positive tone with the general goal of attracting tourism and investment in Fuerteventura. Promoting unity amongst the island’s diverse population is a key part of our project.

We want to keep the service free to our viewers. Future funding will be sought through monetisation of content on video sharing sites, local sponsorship and commissions by businesses that serve the island. Crowdfunding online is also something to be explored.

The team comprises members experienced in business management, media production, journalism and creative writing. We are looking to expand our talent pool so we can offer more content and services to our community. With sufficient funding, job opportunities are possible in several fields.

Our content is currently distributed online through popular social networking websites. In the near future, we are also looking to possibly distribute beneficial onsite content for local businesses.